Links 11/16/20

Links for you. Science:

Ötzi, the Man in the Ice
Bloomberg Warns: A Covid Vaccine Could Help the Virus Spread (headline aside, it’s important to remember that many of these trials are not assessing asymptomatic shedding of virus)
Can a nose-full of chicken antibodies ward off coronavirus infections?
Is low mask wearing in rural communities a sign of poor health messaging?
Your Thanksgiving quarantine starts today. Here’s what to do


Is America in Decline?
America Can Have A Boom Economy Six Months From Whenever It Gets Serious
Those Complicit in Trump’s False Story about the Election Are Willingly Damaging This Country
Donald Trump’s Deadly Last Stand: The Republican delay in acknowledging defeat and facilitating the transition will be literally fatal to thousands of Americans.
Trump’s election challenge looks like a scam to line his pockets
Here’s What We Know About The MAGA Rallies Planned In D.C. This Weekend
What’s at stake in Georgia? Nothing less than democracy itself.
Don’t make America normal again. Make it better
The Georgia Runoffs Are a Referendum on a Large Stimulus
‘We’re being left behind’: Rural hospitals can’t afford ultra-cold freezers to store the leading Covid-19 vaccine
Current, former DDOT directors join the presidential transition team
‘A Loss Is A Loss’: Democratic Senators Frustrated After Party Falls Short
What Biden’s Win Could Mean for Land Use, Transportation, and Climate
The West Proves Its Incapacity With Covid
Democrats need to stop worrying and get behind legal pot
Can the Bank of Solidarity smash payday lenders?
Wrong Masks and ‘Missing’ Ventilators: NYC’s Billion-Dollar COVID Gear Bungle
Our Closest Allies Are Watching the All-American Meltdown With Bemused Horror
Republican Governors Around the Country Are Failing as Badly as the President* Did
Flood The Zone With Shit

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