“Defund the Police” Isn’t a Crisis, It’s an Opportunity

One that the left is frittering away.

At some point, I’ll have to write some posts about what the the left has done wrong in advancing its agenda. If you don’t believe the left hasn’t made any mistakes, then, other than perhaps catharsis, there’s really no point in activism: if the deck is so stacked against us because there is nothing we can do, then we had best learn to accommodate ourselves to scraps from the neo-liberal high table. In other words, mistakes are opportunities.

But that’s for another day. Fortunately, there are opportunities out there, as long as we don’t piss them away.

Recently, moderate Democrats had a ginormous hissy fit because polling suggested that the phrase “defund the police” hurt moderate Democrats. The left defended the phrase, letting the discussion revolve around policy and ‘optics’, all the while missing the obvious opportunity:

Moderate Democrats have just told you how the left can hurt them. Use this as leverage.

Activists should threaten to show up to every Democratic event with signs and t-shirts that read “Democrats for Defunding the Police.” Hell, if you can sneak in some ‘group selfies’ where, at the last moment, you throw up your jacket and display a t-shirt with “Defund the police.” Keep doing this until you get some nice things. You won’t get all the nice things, but if you make them bleed enough, something more than ‘sensitivity training’ probably could be on the table.

Or we can keep playing their game–and losing.

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  1. John says:

    Someone who shows up in a “Defund the Police” t-shirt or with a sign had better have some martial arts training. He’ll probably be beaten up.

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