Links 9/7/20

Links for you. Science:

Coronavirus Vaccine Roundup, Early September
The 450 Movement
What to Do if a Bat Gets in Your House
Children might play a bigger role in COVID transmission than first thought. Schools must prepare
Women Scientists Have the Evidence About Sexism


The Useful Idiot: How Donald Trump killed the Republican Party with racism and the rest of us with coronavirus.
Activist Dynamics
Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic Piece Shows the Difference Between Battlefield and Political Courage
It’s Time for Trump’s Generals to Go on the Record: Anonymously sourced horror stories just won’t cut it.
Trump’s True Relationship With Russia Has Never Been Revealed. Does Moscow have leverage over the president? The former FBI agent Peter Strzok worries that the facts may never come to light.
I was the woman surrounded by BLM protesters at a D.C. restaurant. Here’s why I didn’t raise my fist.
The Principle Of Elite Consequences
‘She couldn’t even pronounce convalescent plasma’: FDA ousts spokesperson after 2 weeks
Trump’s ‘America First’ Vaccine Agenda May Leave Us Last: By using the usual patent monopoly framework rather than international open-source collaboration, the coronavirus vaccine may prove both elusive and more costly for Americans.
Parents Got More Time Off. Then the Backlash Started. Pandemic policies at tech companies have created a rift between parents offered more benefits and resentful workers who don’t have children.
Kenosha’s looting is a symptom of a decrepit democracy
The NFL Is Desperately Trying to Avoid a Players’ Strike
Biden is on track to lose the Electoral College (dunno, but the point about COVID-19 is valid)
Biden Needs to Talk About Jobs on Labor Day. And Every Day.
COVID’s suffocating grasp is choking businesses in Cambridge’s Central Square
The OAS Accusation of Electoral Fraud Against Evo Morales Is Bullshit — And Now We Have the Data to Prove It
N.H. legislator allegedly told people to ‘loot and burn’ houses with Black Lives Matter signs
How New York City’s Democratic Socialists Swept the Competition
Trump’s Pick for Afghanistan Ambassador Wants to Withdraw US Troops Immediately
White Voters Are Turning Away from Donald Trump

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