Links 8/31/20

Links for you. Science:

Starbucks Cafe’s Covid Outbreak Spared Employees Who Wore Masks
New drool-based tests are replacing the dreaded coronavirus nasal swab
A dilemma for ‘long-haulers’: Many can’t prove they ever had Covid-19
Africa Declared Free Of Wild Polio Virus
CDC was pressured ‘from the top down’ to change coronavirus testing guidance, official says (horrible)


The Future of Health Care Hinges on This Primary
Black Lives Matter protester shot in rural Pennsylvania on march from Milwaukee to D.C.
The First Night of the Republican Convention Was Like Getting Stuck in a Bell Jar of Alternate Reality
FDA chief admits that presenting plasma as Trump’s latest miracle was a huge mistake
Nobody Is Entitled to Be an Elected Official: It’s not cancel culture to demand a would-be teen legislator demonstrate maturity.
GOP candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene spread conspiracies about Charlottesville and ‘Pizzagate’
The Comeback of Manufacturing Jobs: MAGA Land and the Real World
National Republicans Are Ordering Up Attacks On A Democrat’s Sexual Orientation. The GOP’s congressional campaign arm appears to be instructing outside groups to remind voters that Gina Ortiz Jones is gay.
Black Homeowners Face Discrimination in Appraisals: Companies that value homes for sale or refinancing are bound by law not to discriminate. Black homeowners say it happens anyway.
The Unending Influence of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’. The saga of 19-year-old Aaron Coleman’s political candidacy has turned into a too-simple parable about forgiving youthful indiscretion.
AOC Delivers Session of Media Criticism on Instagram, Says NBC Headline ‘Made My Life Hell’
Aaron Coleman’s Ex-Girlfriend Says His Misogynist Abuse Didn’t Stop in Middle School
Of course the RNC featured anti-choice radical Abby Johnson, who thinks women shouldn’t vote. Abby Johnson’s views on birth control and voting rights make clear she’s driven by misogyny, not respect for “life” (“Kaminczak also said that Johnson was attracted to the lucrative prospect of becoming a religious right figurehead, which promised “$3,000 speaking gigs,” which is a lot more money than you can make working at a nonprofit clinic in rural Texas.” Grifters gonna grift.)
A Street-Wise Philosopher Explains What It Means To Be Homeless Amid the Pandemic
A Chrome feature is creating enormous load on global root DNS servers
RNC Speaker Cancelled After Boosting QAnon Conspiracy Theory About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World
Will We Ever Listen To The Warnings? The apocalypse is here — and it comes only a few months after the political class mocked a warning and spent a truth-teller into the ground.
The World Is At Your Command
How to End America’s Loneliness Epidemic
Focus on Trump’s official White House actions as part of Republican convention programming raises Hatch Act concerns
Americans aren’t listening to coronavirus warnings because the messaging is wrong
The Infuriating History of Why Police Unions Have So Much Power
The Power of Positive Thinking: Too Much and Never Enough

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