Links 8/16/20

Links for you. Science:

A Taiwan health official tried to warn the world about the novel coronavirus. The U.S. didn’t listen.
America’s Obesity Epidemic Threatens Effectiveness of Any COVID Vaccine
The Dark Side of Being a Female Shark Researcher. Being a scientist should not require developing the grit to continually endure misogyny, discrimination, harassment, assault or bullying
New Evidence Suggests Young Children Spread Covid-19 More Efficiently Than Adults
Antimicrobial Resistance in ESKAPE Pathogens


The Trump Pandemic: A blow-by-blow account of how the president killed thousands of Americans.
From Metro funding crisis to telework’s rise, transportation is in historic turmoil
Warren Buffett: America’s Folksiest Predator
Inside the Iraqi Kleptocracy
Performative masculinity is making American men sick. American men are failing the pandemic.
Why Trump doesn’t deserve a Biden debate
Cancel College: Reopening universities will accomplish little and endanger many.
The Secret History of America’s Worthless Confederate Monuments
3 Ways Postal Banking Could Help Save Our COVID-Ravaged Economy: The pandemic would be a great time to bring this Depression-era financial system back.
What a Country
How to Foil Trump’s Election Night Strategy: To keep the president from claiming victory on Nov. 3, Biden supporters who can vote in person may well have to. (yep)
Fencing: The Perfect COVID-19 Sport
How China Controlled the Coronavirus
These Executive Orders Make No Sense
The $24 an Hour Minimum Wage
On Climate Policy, Biden’s Advisers Reveal More Than His Proposals Do
Young Black Americans not sold on Biden, the Democrats or voting
What Should the Left Do With Alex Morse? The rising progressive star, attempting to unseat a Massachusetts congressman, was hit with allegations of sexual impropriety.
Donald Trump is trying to steal the election
Trump-appointed tech fund chief linked to multilevel marketing companies
Who Opposes Defunding the N.Y.P.D.? These Black Lawmakers. Several Black City Council members have lashed out at progressives, comparing calls to defund the police to “colonization” and “political gentrification.” (would like to see information on campaign contributions here)

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