Links 7/28/20

Links for you. Science:

Changes in colistin resistance and mcr-1 abundance in Escherichia coli of animal and human origins following the ban of colistin-positive additives in China: an epidemiological comparative study
There Are Wasps in the Yard. You’d Better Get to Know Them.
CDC: One-third of COVID-19 patients who aren’t hospitalized have long-term illness
On the effect of age on the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in households, schools and the community
A Doctor Who Specializes in Long-Term COVID-19 Effects Is Alarmed by What He Sees


Portland, polarization, and the crisis of the Republican Party. “We are witnessing a crisis of democracy that is perfectly acceptable to a significant portion of the population — as long as it hurts their enemies.”
10 Ways To Reduce Our Reliance On Policing And Make Our Communities Safer For Everyone
Soviet bus stop appreciation thread.
Chuck Schumer On Eliminating The Filibuster: ‘Nothing’s Off The Table’
How the U.S. Compares With the World’s Worst Coronavirus Hot Spots (at this point, we should presume malevolence, not incompetence)
Does the Lincoln Project have a secret agenda? The answer is surprising.
Former CDC chief: Most states fail to report data key to controlling the coronavirus pandemic (these are fine, but some measure prevalence is key)
Meet the New C.D.C. Director: Walmart
Private Equity Captures Rather Than Creates Value
Unpacking QAnon: A Batsh*t Conspiracy Theory Tailor-Made for the Trump Era
Years After Being Debunked, Interest in Pizzagate Is Rising—Again
Dems Voting Against Pentagon Cuts Got 3.4x More Money From the Defense Industry
Virus hits frontline workers in taxed public health system
Colleges Are Getting Ready to Blame Their Students. As campuses reopen without adequate testing, universities fault young people for a lack of personal responsibility.
‘Something smells’: Tax crime investigator suspects Trump campaign laundering money through Mar-A-Lago
UN rights body urges US to rein in police at protests
Ward 2 ANC Commissioner Launches Bid For D.C. Council Seat Held By Brooke Pinto
This is what happens when the war on terror is turned inward, on America
When Is a Coronavirus Test Not a Coronavirus Test? If it takes 12 days to get results, it’s basically pointless. (failure of presidential governance that should be attributed to malevolence, not incompetence)
The Poison of Male Incivility When a woman dares respond to it, she’s seen as “disruptive.” (NY Times editors are horrible people)
Why the Big City President Made Cities the Enemy
Creator of cashew chicken – a US vet from China and Missouri resident – dies at 99

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