Links 4/6/20

Links for you. Science:

Americans Are Already Too Diseased to Go Back to Work Right Now
Should scientists infect healthy people with the coronavirus to test vaccines?
A Heart Attack? No, It Was the Coronavirus
Evaluating the effectiveness of social distancing interventions against COVID-19
How LSU researchers, hospital leaders created a new coronavirus test lab in a week


There was always a way to pay for the programs we need
Coronavirus Creates an Opening for Progressivism — Also Barbarism
Is It Possible to Overstate Trump’s Depravity? (nope)
‘Stumpy’ The Short Tidal Basin Tree Is Reaching Peak Bloom, Giving Hope To Washingtonians
It’s Probably a Bad Sign If Your Political Success Depends on People Not Voting
‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ songwriter dies of COVID-19. His widow’s story is heartbreaking
Inside America’s mask crunch: A slow government reaction and an industry wary of liability
Jared Kushner Is Going to Get Us All Killed: Trump’s son-in-law has no business running the coronavirus response.
None Of This Is Normal
The Coronavirus Worker Revolt Is Just Beginning
Predictions Are Hard, Especially About The Future
One of the most intensely discussed questions about Japan’s anti-virus strategy is why, despite having growing capacity, the authorities carry out so few tests. A meeting this morning with a senior official of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party offers a answer to the mystery. (even worse bureaucratic response than the U.S.)
Witnessing Wuhan
After ignoring warnings, Israeli ultra-Orthodox hit by virus
People need to get outside and move while stuck at home. Opening streets can help.
The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Opened the Curtains on the World’s Next Economic Model
The Coronavirus Class War Has Already Started
Bernie Sanders Soared Back To Life. But He Couldn’t Close The Deal.
Strategic National Stockpile description altered online after Kushner’s remarks
MacBook Air 2020 review: The most boring Mac is among the best

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