Links 3/6/20

Links for you. Science:

Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic
Coronavirus in N.Y.: Growing Anxiety as Doctors Prepare for an Epidemic
The New Coronavirus and Preparing for the Next Viral Pandemic
How to prepare for coronavirus in the U.S. (Spoiler: Not sick? No need to wear a mask.)
COVID-19 Vaccine Shipped, and Drug Trials Start


Red assed: What could be dumber than a red-baiting revival? (historically, the left, construed broadly, has done poorly in an environment of fear)
Nothing To Do (a bit pessimistic, but worth reading–we need a national healthcare system)
All Dozen Of Them
Trump’s Coronavirus Press Conference Was the Apotheosis of 40 Years of Republican Philosophy
These Democratic Convention Delegates Are Talking Crazy About Replacing Bernie Sanders
America is about to get a godawful lesson in why health care should never be a for-profit business
Federal Reserve Can Help Poverty-Stricken Cities Like Detroit
White House Confirms It’s Purging Disloyal Employees ‘From the Bowels of the Federal Government’
Trump’s Quiet Power Grab: The president’s administration is attempting to bring thousands of federal employees under his control, and the public is largely unaware.
Landlords Are Using Next-Generation Eviction Tech
How Can Bernie Sanders Pay for Spending? Easily, Say Treasury Markets
A Dupont Circle Home Addition Pits Neighbors Against Neighbors: Children and plants have been weaponized, and it’s drawn the attention of three different government bodies. (no idea who’s right, but Hanlon is a horrible person)
Like Warren, I Had My Own Sexist Run-In with Chris Matthews
Does Joe Biden Have a Plan to Stop Gentrification? (piece isn’t just about Biden, and the problem is we don’t recognize we have two different housing crises)
Coronavirus makes the case for Medicare-for-all
A progressive movement sweeping through counties Trump won in Pennsylvania could help Bernie Sanders win
Coronavirus pushes Trump to rely on experts he has long maligned
Trump nominee to federal court once called for abolishing Social Security, several government agencies
DHS employee told to report to work in Newark after China travel, in violation of coronavirus quarantine, complaints say
My accidental experiment with writing articles critical of @PeteButtigieg and @BernieSanders in 2 consecutive weeks
The Problem With Telling Sick Workers to Stay Home: Even with the coronavirus spreading, lax labor laws and little sick leave mean that many people can’t afford to skip work.

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