Links 2/18/20

Links for you. Science:

Christina Koch Lands on Earth, and Crosses a Threshold for Women in Space
Economic Genome Assembly from Low Coverage Illumina and Nanopore Data
Stanley Cohen, Nobelist, Dies at 97; Made Breakthrough on Cell Growth
Climate Change: It’s a Buzzkill for Bumblebees, Study Finds
Federal Toxmap Shutters, Raising the Ire of Pollution Researchers (I don’t think the reason why Toxmap was shutdown is correct though)


To Dream of a Jewish President: What would it mean for Bernie Sanders, America’s most famous Jewish politician, to become its commander in chief? (worth the read even if you’re not a Sanders supporter)
Liberals need to stop pretending the president has no power (agreed)
The Culinary Health Insurance Is Not That Great (important)
Our Bastard
Michael Bloomberg’s Polite Authoritarianism: He never hid his callous indifference to civil liberties; too many people just didn’t care.
The largest federal employee union punches back at Trump
But I Need That 3rd Boat
Austerity Pete: Buttigieg settles on deficit hawkery as a closing argument in New Hampshire. It’s hard to think of a school of political thought with less credibility and less popularity.
Senate GOP blocks three election security bills
The District’s economy is booming, but many black Washingtonians have been left out, study finds
There is a Washington narrative emerging, which completely ignores Bernie Sanders’ record as a Senator, that his foreign policy somehow “abandons terrain” to the Kremlin.
Agriculture Department refuses to investigate Trump bailouts to Brazilian meatpacker despite swirling corruption scandal
Border Patrol does not believe they are a civilian law enforcement agency. They believe they are kin to the Marine Corps.
The Chaos at Condé Nast
‘We Knew They Had Cooked the Books’: The Trump administration’s attempt to kill one of America’s strongest climate policies has been a complete debacle.
Brandon Todd Met With Private School Students But Not Students of a School He Voted to Close
The Upzoning of Nebraska
Mayor Pete Platitude Generator
Here’s How China Is Silencing Coronavirus Critics in the U.S.
Mystery Woman Targets Sanders Campaign in Suspected Sting Operation
New Polls Suggest Dems Should Chill the F Out (yes, they should)

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