Links 2/10/20

Links for you. Science:

Spider biologist denies suspicions of widespread data fraud in his animal personality research
2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Update: Uncoating the Virus
Past epidemics prove fighting coronavirus with travel bans is a mistake
Alright all you terrified dorks, let me show you how to search for matching protein sequences because there is a CERTAIN GARBAGE PAPER OUT THERE (said paper has now been retracted)
An English zoo’s jungle cats would like your leftover perfume. Preferably Calvin Klein.


Tom Perez Should Resign, Preferably Today: He represents an establishment that has put its own position in the party above the party’s success. It’s time to go. (excellent)
Bernie Sanders’s Evolution on Disability Policy: Four years after saying little on disablility rights issues, Sanders has emerged with the most comprehensive plan in the field. (important)
Personnel Is Policy: The vital importance of appointing people who work—and think—in the public interest. (Warren & Sanders seem to be the only candidates that fit the bill)
Don’t Put Me In Charge Of Anything (related thoughts here)
The case for taking Trump’s black outreach seriously (Republicans will attack the nominee from the left, not the right)
D.C.’s New Public Financing Program Is All The Rage In 2020
Parking dispute delays NIH’s proposed campus expansion — again
Virginia House Votes With Senate To Abolish Lee-Jackson Day
Frustration grows in China as face masks compromise facial recognition
Here’s a new abuse of power by Trump that should alarm you
You’ll Never Know Which Candidate Is Electable
Amid Coronavirus Fears, a Mask Shortage Could Spread Globally
Politicians have lied about social security. The US must elect someone who’ll fight for it
Fake martial arts: The psychology behind ‘no-touch’ knockouts
An oligarch has bought his way into the 2020 race. Why is no one talking about this?
Indian Jews Encourage Global Participation in Unique Tu Bishvat Ritual
What the Iowa fallout revealed about the 2020 candidates
‘You basically are nothing’: the Americans shut out of the Iowa caucuses
Most Iowa Democratic caucus-goers support a single-payer health-care plan
Trump’s Jokes About Defying Election Results Could Create Chaos
Mumbai Police Play a Trick on Honking Drivers

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