Links 2/2/20

Links for you. Science:

Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading globally
Polygenic scores and tea drinking
Enterobacteriaceae? Enterobacterales? What Should We Call Enteric Gram-Negative Bacilli? A Micro-Comic Strip
US Firearm Related Mortality (original paper here; data here)
Confusion and lost time: how testing woes slowed China’s coronavirus response


Our endorsement for DC Council in Ward 2: Patrick Kennedy (I endorse this endorsement)
Success is killing San Francisco. Is Boston next?
Restricting Trade of Endangered Rosewood Can Backfire
SF restaurants asking to be removed from third party apps like Grubhub after false listings
9 things Americans need to learn from the rest of the world’s health care systems
Bernie Sanders Thinks Companies That Sell Your Browser History Are ‘Trampling Over the Rights of Consumers’
Success Is a Matter of Perspective for D.C.’s Temporary Rental Subsidy Program
Sanders Team Weighing Executive Orders to Legalize Marijuana, Stop Trump Border Wall, Declare Climate Emergency, and More
The New Majority Behind Sex Work Decriminalization
Confirmed: Elliott Abrams’s Defense of Mass Murder Was Based on Lies
Biden Push for Labor Support Is Burdened by Obama-Era Baggage
Can a Socialist Truck Driver Become the Youngest Member of Congress?
Bernie Sanders Is Rising on the Strength of His Anti-War Stance
The Eternally Unvetted Bernie Sanders
The Rise of Smart Camera Networks, and Why We Should Ban Them
Trump’s Geofencing Could Be a Potent Political Issue
Everyone at Sundance knew what Harvey Weinstein was. They should stop pretending.
The good, the bad and the unexplained: what you need to know about the WMATA budget
Can We Bridge the Dem Progressive/Moderate Divide? Please?
Does Bernie Sanders Know What He’s Doing? (I’ve suspected this when it comes to taking a hard line on M4A and no private insurance)

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