Trump’s Toilet Fallacies

While it was fun mocking Il Trumpe’s obsession with toilets that have to be flushed multiple times, as you might imagine, he really had no idea what he was talking about (boldface mine):

The two men say today’s toilets are flushing marvels, able to clear an average of two pounds of paste and paper per flush — more than just about anyone needs, and four times as much as old commodes, despite using less than half as much water.

So Gauley and Koeller were surprised when President Trump recently started complaining publicly about toilets. “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once,” Trump said at the White House last month. He also talked about toilets during a rally in Milwaukee two weeks ago.

The comments were among a recent barrage of presidential complaints about the allegedly declining performance of common household items, including dishwashers (“Now you press it 12 times. Women tell me. . . . You know, they give you four drops of water.”) and shower heads (“You turn on the water. Drip, drip, drip.”) and lightbulbs (“Costs you five times as much, and it makes you look orange.”)…

Trump blamed government efficiency standards, which he indicated he planned to gut…

Several manufacturers and trade groups said these items work better than ever today — while also using less water and power, the result of years of corporate investment and testing. Industries that might normally cheer reduced regulation say they don’t want government efficiency standards eased

The makers of dishwashers, toilets and shower heads say their objections to weakening government regulations should be viewed as a success story…

“I can’t imagine what [Trump] was talking about,” said Koeller, the co-founder of Maximum Performance Testing, an independent tester of most toilet brands sold in North America. “We know what the real world is. And it’s not close to what he claims.”

Of course, like concerns about marauding bands of light bulb vigilantes, this has nothing to do with actual reality. In this case, it’s just a bunch of people whining about how things YOOSTABEE! Ok, boomer?

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2 Responses to Trump’s Toilet Fallacies

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Quoted without comment:

    “… and it makes you look orange.”

  2. JDM says:

    Part of this is that Trump, like a lot of old men, is stuck somewhere in the past when he was younger and more able. Judging by his appliance fixations, he’s stuck in the late 1970s.

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