Links 1/22/20

Links for you. Science:

The basics: What we know — and don’t know — about the virus spreading in China and beyond
Why Black doctors like me are leaving faculty positions in academic medical centers
What’s For Dinner? For Hammerhead Sharks, It’s Family!
Deadly fungus became resistant to all existing drugs in 3 unlinked US patients
New release (v1.1) of Population & Quantitative Genetics book
The War on the War on Cancer


The National Archives used to stand for independence. That mission has been compromised.
Sanders is right: Biden is vulnerable to Trump on Social Security (been saying this since the beginning of the primaries)
The Truth About the Trump Economy
Five myths about bipartisanship
How do you move a 140-ton locomotive? If you’re the Smithsonian, very carefully.
Boston must bring back rent control to protect tenants
Trump has attacked federal unions. Now, for the first time, he’s trying to bust one.
News networks use retired military brass as war analysts without disclosing their defense-industry ties (I noted twelve years ago you can’t be a statesman and a spokesman)
Why Redevelopment Of The D.C. Housing Authority Headquarters Is A Big Deal
We had this utterly unrealistic expectation that Danish society could basically be just as good, if the welfare state ran on half the budget. But now that I’ve lived in the US for 15 years, I’ve gotten front-row tickets to that show. And it’s horror. (“It’s depressing to constantly watch the human suffering in a place like the US. You either live with a bleeding heart or become a sociopath.”)
A Norwegian TV programme pitted some professional stock-pickers against an astrologist, some beauty bloggers and – i kid you not – cows shitting in a field.
Where the Hell Are the Impeachment Protests? Washington was supposed to be entering an era of mass demonstrations. What happened?
Here’s Where Congressional Candidates Stand On The Progressive Labor Agenda
The Silicon Valley Economy Is Here. And It’s a Nightmare.
College-Educated Voters Are Ruining American Politics (ignores comfortable non-college educated voters, but there’s something useful in this)
Centrist Democrats need a 2020 reality check before it’s too late
Biden’s Advocacy for Social Security Cuts Has Had Real Consequences: The proposal for “chained CPI,” a cut to future benefits, during the Obama administration led to its widespread use in other areas of the government. (chained CPI is horrible; “Bob Woodward’s book The Price of Politics notes that Biden favored chained CPI as part of a grand bargain, and was at the center of negotiations on it with Republicans. We have the Tea Party to thank for it not happening; hard-right Republicans balked at the tax increases embedded in the deal.”)
Did Economists Stop Congress From Ending Prison Rape?
By Bullet or Ballot: One of the Only Successful Coups in American History
It Was All [Fruman’s] Contacts in Ukraine

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  1. zero says:

    “You either live with a bleeding heart or become a sociopath”
    That aptly describes the two political parties. The cruel socioeconomic divide is being built faster than it can be torn down because monied interests are throwing their weight on the side of human misery.

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