Links 1/12/20

Links for you. Science:

Russian journals retract more than 800 papers after ‘bombshell’ investigation
Fukushima’s Exclusion Zone Is Being Overtaken by Wild Animals
What fossils will modern-day civilization leave behind?
At 2020 deadline, progress in Patrick Soon-Shiong’s ‘cancer moonshot’ is hard to find
Chimpanzees learn to crack nuts faster than humans (“My point is that watching how fast individuals in real societies attain maximal performance is a very bad measure of how fast they might be able to learn.”)


Money for war, but not for the poor
ICE Detention Center Captain Was on a Neo-Nazi Website and Wanted to Start a White Nationalist Group
Florida Republicans’ Voter Suppression Scheme May Backfire
Trina Robinson, former South Bend NAACP officer and president, tells reporters that on race and police violence PeteButtigieg’s candidacy is “a ticking-time bomb.”
9 Iran pundits with undisclosed ties to the defense industry
The Misleading Rhetoric of School “Choice” Advocates: Wealth and “Choice”
Joe Biden’s free ride is over
U.S. Border Agency Says It’s Not Singling Out Iranians. This Family Waited 11 Hours and Was Asked About Iranian Heritage.
Does Building Transit Reduce Traffic Congestion?
Will This Billionaire-Funded Think Tank Get Its War With Iran?
Have Americans Usually Supported Their Wars?
‘Make No Mistake: Harvard Has the Money to Pay Us Livable Wages’
Bloomberg: I Won’t Release Women From Their Confidentiality Agreements Against My Company
Does D.C.’s school choice system hurt neighborhood schools?
The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran
Iran Is Not a Threat to Our Security. Trump’s Saber-Rattling Is.
Australia Shows Us the Road to Hell
Getting rid of the homeless won’t make homelessness go away
Trump’s unhinged rally rant underscores case for reining him in
The Postal Service is America’s most popular government agency. Why does Trump hate it?
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