Links 11/23/19

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out Why People Are OK with Trump’s Endless Supply of Lies
In France, it’s illegal for consumers to order a DNA spit kit. Activists are fighting over lifting the ban
The Coming End of an Era at NASA
Why Nonprofits Can’t Research Gun Violence As Well As The Feds
Human Origins in Southern African Palaeo-wetlands? Strong Claims from Weak Evidence


People First Disability Policy (Julian Castro’s plan)
No One Will Believe You
The new wave of conservatism is dangerous. And it’s all the GOP’s fault.
Why Can’t A Democrat Be More Like A Republican
Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax won’t hurt economic growth
Elizabeth Warren’s new Medicare-for-all plan starts out with a public option
Google, Fitbit, Banking: Big Tech’s Bust Out?
I Don’t Know Why I Should Care What the Constitution Says (some of it’s good, some of it, not so good)
For low-income students, the suburbs are no sure path to college
Despite a Jewish President, Ukraine keeps honoring Nazi collabos (with a bit of help from America)
How FedEx cut its tax bill to $0
Possible pay-to-play scheme for ambassador role in Trump administration uncovered by CBS News
The Alleged Russian Mobsters in Trump World’s Orbit: A Dirty Dozen
In It To Win It
Trump Betrays the Military
Allowing delivery drivers to reserve curb space reduces double-parking
Syracuse University Suspends Fraternity Activities After Racist Incident
The Trump Hotel Only Fills About Half Its Guest Rooms, Per Company Documents
A three-year Newsday investigation uncovered widespread evidence of unequal treatment by real estate agents on Long Island
Stephen Miller is no outlier. White supremacy rules the Republican party

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    This is the final word from the Pres of the U.S.

    We should all be so lucky.

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