Links 11/19/19

Links for you. Science:

2019 AR Threats Report
Gulf Oysters Are Dying, Putting a Southern Tradition at Risk (Oh noes! Not Acme Oyster House!)
New York Identifies Hospitals and Nursing Homes With Deadly Fungus
Climate Change Fueled the Rise and Demise of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Superpower of the Ancient World
Deadly superbugs pose greater threat than previously estimated


Squirrel (the adaptability of the mass communicable psychotic break known as movement conservatism)
New Paper Reveals Rail Industry Was Leader in Climate Denial Efforts
Gimme Shelter: The cost of living in the Bay Area
Deval Patrick Volunteers to Lose Democratic Primary
The Two Irreconcilable Realities of the Impeachment Hearings
The Vainglorious Eternals Go Golfing
Pete Buttigieg Touted 3 Major Supporters of his Douglass Plan for Black America. They Were Alarmed When They Saw It.
‘I live on the street now’: how Americans fall into medical bankruptcy
Russian spies likely intercepted ambassador’s cell phone call with Trump
Planned Parenthood debuts online tool that helps people find their closest abortion care provider
Lindsey Graham blocks Armenian genocide resolution hours after meeting with Turkish president (someone, either Graham or Trump, is hopelessly compromised)
The United States Senate Plainly Sucks
The Seattle suburb where Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both live is running out of money
The post-truth prophets
The U.S. Has Never Held Anyone Accountable for Torture. Daniel J. Jones Is Still Pissed Off About That.
Trump blows Republicans’ entire Yovanovitch hearing strategy with a single tweet
Professional Ratf*cker Roger Stone Has F*cked His Last Rat
Nothing to Learn
Former Grosso Staffer Christina Henderson Announces Candidacy For Open At-Large Council Seat
I’ve eaten a meal replacement shake twice a day for two years. Here’s what it was like.
Check Out These Vintage Yearbook Pictures of Future NBA Stars as DC High Schoolers

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