Stephen Miller, Shanda

The definition of chutzpah is murdering your parents and then asking for mercy because you’re an orphan. With that, we bring you this latest Republican defense of white supremacist and reason for Judaism to bring back excommunication, Stephen Miller (boldface mine):

The Southern Poverty Law Center published a report Tuesday titled “Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails,” which was based on more than 900 emails Miller sent to Breitbart editors between 2015 and 2016. The emails were given to the SPLC by Katie McHugh, a former Breitbart editor who was fired in 2017 for posting anti-Muslim tweets and has since denounced the far-right.

The emails show that Miller was regularly in contact with Breitbart editors in the 15 months leading up to the 2016 election. In them, Miller regularly referenced reports from the white nationalist site VDARE, the white supremacist site American Renaissance and the conspiracy theory repository InfoWars. Miller urged editors to play up crimes committed by immigrants and people of color and sought to “create a narrative” about the removal of the Confederate flag after the 2015 mass shooting at an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Michael Edison Hayden, the SPLC staffer who published the emails, wrote that he was “unable to find any examples of Miller writing sympathetically or even in neutral tones about any person who is non-white or foreign-born.”

…While Miller has yet to comment on the report, a White House official asserted that the Trump adviser was the real victim.

“This is clearly a form of anti-Semitism to levy these attacks against a Jewish staffer,” an unnamed White House official told Axios.

Even the liberal New Republic conservative Washington Examiner is disgusted:

A damning email dump from former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh points to Miller simply being a racist who hates immigrants,” columnist Tiana Lowe wrote at the right-wing Washington Examiner. “Interns have been fired for less than this. We can’t say with certainty what hate is or isn’t in Miller’s heart, but we know that he was happy enough to use the work of hatemongers and kill the GOP’s last shot at immigration reform, apparently because it would help predominantly Mexican immigrants. It’s long past time for Trump to dump Miller.”

He won’t leave because Trump likes his bigots.

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  1. I have been saying for months we should be calling him #PresidentMiller on Twitter, Then Trump would fire him.

  2. Ron Zoscak says:

    I guess Jewish Americans really are white now. /s

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