Links 11/14/19

Links for you. Science:

Determining the Virulence Properties of Escherichia coli ST131 Containing Bacteriocin-Encoding Plasmids Using Short- and Long-Read Sequencing and Comparing Them with Those of Other E. coli Lineages
Humans Shipped an Awful Cargo Across the Seas: Cancer
Man’s Biggest Friend
The fusion energy dream is inching toward planet-saving reality (in mice?)
Can pigs really be used as organ banks for human beings?


What Is a Billionaire? (excellent)
The United States is being run by a toddler (anyone who has had a narcissist as a boss recognizes this behavior)
Bernie’s Immigration Plan Is Good
Can we talk about the senior citizens running for president and how they try to look younger?
Michael Bloomberg Should Stay Home—and Pay His Taxes
McKinsey Faces Criminal Inquiry Over Bankruptcy Case Conduct (McKinsey is the actual ‘George Soros’ conservatives are afraid of.)
The Chinese Government Cannot Be Allowed to Undermine Academic Freedom
The Managers’ Coup d’Etat in Health Care Appears Complete – a Study of Top Health Care “Influencers”
I’m Watching My Students Become Soldiers in Our Endless Wars
The “Deep State” Is a Political Party (‘faction’ would be a better word, though fewer clicks)
Joe Biden’s Friends and Backers Come Out on Top—at the Expense of the Middle Class
They Are Racist; Some of Them Have Guns. Inside the White Supremacist Group Hiding in Plain Sight.
The Untold Story Of How Clinton’s Budget Destroyed The American Economy
How A Gang Of Angry Teachers Beat Kentucky’s Donald Trump
The Tears of the Taxed. Ignore the rich: tax opposition has never been about liberty
Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia (as crazy as national Republicans are, state and local Republicans are worse)
Trash the Polls: Solidarity is the only viable path to the 2020 presidential election
‘Go Back To Your Country’ Is A Phrase Canadians Are All Too Familiar With
Pelosi Must Go
No One Ever Told Them To ‘Go Home.’ Then Brexit Happened.
Democracy and Buildings

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