Some Impeachment Thoughts and Concerns

In no particular order:

  1. Republicans are just going to keep firing off bullshit until something sticks with our moronic press corps. For example, Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan is now arguing that the delay of weapons for 65 days was a test to see if he was corrupt. Utter bullshit.
  2. The next time some Republican starts talking about Hunter Biden, the response should be, “You’re right. Offspring cashing in on their parents’ political position is a problem. That’s why we need to depose Ivanka and Jared.” Fuck with them.
  3. I’m still worried the focus is too narrow. By making the inquiry so narrow, Republicans can throw up chaff–all those ‘Russkie’ names sound alike, anyway. But if the overarching theme were ‘Trump is using his office for personal political and financial gain’, the targets are much broader. Moreover, the two lines complement each other, not interfere with each other. I’m kinda convinced Pelosi got behind the Ukraine stuff because she chaired the Intelligence Committee (and as Speaker is a member of the Gang of Eight), so this issue resonates with her. But the financial chicanery will resonate a lot more with normal people–though Democratic Rep. Richard Neal being both hapless and gormless doesn’t help matters on this front.
  4. This will not be won on ‘debate points.” It will be won on volume–and neither the political press corps, nor Republican Daddy are going to save us. That is, the side with the bigger and more effective Wurlitzer wins this. History doesn’t bode well here.
  5. In a desperate attempt to turn a frown upside down, it’s worth noting that Republicans might not be as competent as they used to be. They have not only drank the Kool-Aid, but have undergone full-immersion baptism in it. Their incompetence is only rivaled by the professional Democratic class.
  6. The political press corps will likely engage in theater criticism of the events, rather than reporting the substance. They are going to get us all killed.
  7. The first day of the hearings is overwhelming evidence that movement conservatism should be thought of as a mass communicable psychotic break.
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  1. A in Ca says:

    Right on. See also Dean Baker’s commentary Impeachment Is a Kitchen Table Issue

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