Narcissists Gonna Narcissist

While one’s own psychological dysfunctions are interesting to you, most other people’s aren’t. That goes for Trump too, who is just a textbook narcissist–no deep mystery, he. But it’s important to understand his dysfunction because it provides a very reliable guide to how he will react. A while ago, I noted:

I would add two other observations about the narcissist. First, he is essentially a full-tilt diva, with the rest of us either as bit, cameo players, or else the audience (or both). One day the script might be ‘hard-charging businessman’, the next ‘compassionate philanthropist’, followed by ‘competent manager’ and so on. Regardless, the show must go on. Ideally, his entire life is a fantasy, unmoored from reality. Anyone who challenges this fantasy causes extreme psychological distress.

Apparently, some Republican apparatchiks are starting to figure this out (boldface mine):

“You’re there more as an annoyance to him because he has to fill some of these jobs, but you’re not there to do anything other than be backlighting,” said Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House communications director who is now critical of Trump. “He wants, like, a catatonic loyalty, and he wants you to be behind the backlights. There’s one spotlight on the stage, it’s shining on Trump, and you’re a prop in the back with dim lights.”

…“There is no person that is part of the daily Trump decision-making process that can survive long term,” said a former senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to offer a candid assessment. “The president doesn’t like people to get good press. He doesn’t like people to get bad press. Yet he expects everyone to be relevant and important and supportive at all times. Even if a person could do all those things, the president would grow tired of anyone in his immediate orbit.”

I would feel for these assholes, except that they would be fine with a President Pence–who would still be doing all the awful things. If you see a narcissist, run in the other direction.

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