Links 8/25/19

Links for you. Science:

2°C: Beyond the limit
Economists conducted a $5 million experiment to (literally) shed light on crime (serious IRB issues that were ignored)
A Cure for Ebola? Two New Treatments Prove Highly Effective in Congo
Why is the Church of Scientology helping antivaxers in a last ditch attempt to block passage of SB 276?
The Desperate Race to Neutralize a Lethal Superbug Yeast


What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.
How Third-Party Votes Sunk Clinton, What They Mean for Trump
It Sure Feels Like the Headphone Jack Is Dead
Who Will Pay for the Huge Costs of Holding Back Rising Seas?
American Taxpayers Forced to Pay For Don Jr.’s Sheep Hunting Vacation to Canada
Bernie Sanders can beat Trump
The Washington Post’s Well-Documented Bias Against Bernie Sanders
The Democratic Party’s future is at stake in state legislative races
Trump Is Thinking of Buying a Giant Socialist Island
Why Democratic voters need to stop thinking about ‘electability’
In Big Non-Surprise, Trump Turns on Labor Unions
The Cult of the Fantasy Pedestrian
Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out
Donald Trump is terrified, and he wants you to be, too
Just going through government purchasing contracts. Boston Consulting Group has a contract where it charges $1.65 million on an annual rate for a single consultant, or $33,063.75 a week.
The D.C. Council Wants to Pass a Criminal Sentencing Reform Bill. The U.S. Attorney’s Office Has Launched a Campaign to Stop It.
Is rich people’s excessive income about to strangle the economy?
Life, Deferred: Student Debt Postpones Key Milestones for Millions of Americans
Jack Evans threatened Metro officials to keep his corruption secret, and two board members helped him
Metro Still Doesn’t Know When The Chillers At Dupont And Farragut North Will Be Fixed
‘I’m Back to Riding My Own Bike.’ Higher Prices Threaten Silicon Valley’s Mobility Revolution

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4 Responses to Links 8/25/19

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out ***
    When I saw this over a week ago I made a search for these particular snippits of the piece.

    “maybe the blacks are less than saintly”
    “the predominant Latinity of apprehended criminals”
    “The hope of the future lies in the intelligent practice of discrimination.”

    They were single-sourced to this NYT article, and can be found nowhere else on the internet. So the reporters had access to the full letter, and have chosen to quote little parts of it to put Mrs. May and Mr. Hardin in the worst possible light. I consider this to be extraordinarily dishonest. If Garrett Hardin was a racist asshole, let’s see the evidence. Both he and the Heiress are dead, and I can’t imagine who would possibly object to a scan of that letter being put online.

    I made some more searches to see if the famous newspaper had ever shown any outrage about the practices of some other rich people. Sheldon Adelson is a very right-wing guy, and probably the reason Trump hangs on to Bolton. Several years ago Adeleson or somebody in his family bought a ‘holy land’ newspaper.. That paper defends anything and everything going on over there. The thefts. The murders. And it constantly assure the readers there is NO apartheid in the Apartheid state. Those readers get their pre-digested propaganda for free, BTW. I was unable to locate any harsh remarks about this situation by the NYT.

    Google is very, very bad at the search business these days, especially when those searches touch on issues the wealthy owners want to keep out of sight. So I wasn’t actually surprised when I found no NYT rants about this one:
    She reports an ongoing transfer of US tech jobs to the land which God’s Most Favorite People are busy taking over as their very own. Possibly The Times will rouse itself and let the two authors who penned the “Heiress” story give their impressions of it all. More likely, the the paper will just keep doing the “crickets” thing.

  2. Omg light pollution is linked to illness.

    Of course people with money move to places that are dark at night.

    Like they can’t devote money to some humane crime prevention instead just keep people blinded with light all night disrupting sleep and promoting cancer etc because it’s people who don’t have enough money to bribe politicians.

  3. plch says:

    The final quote in the article about Atlanta traffic is terrible: that’s fractally wrong.

    • plch says:

      One white property manager in her late 50s told a reporter that she voted against mass transit because it was used by poorer residents and immigrants, whom she called “illegals.” “Why should we pay for it?” she asked. “Why subsidize people who can’t manage their money and save up a dime to buy a car?”
      >>>that’s the final quote, sorry for the bad formatting.

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