Going Straight at ‘Em

One thing that’s struck me about Democrats in 2020 is how they’re discussing racism. In 2016, Clinton, though Sanders occasionally did this too, would talk about a set of voters in the third person (‘a basket of deplorables’ being the most memorable); Obama, very rarely, would do this too.. What we’re seeing in 2020, across the board, is that Democratic candidates discussing Trump’s racism. Rather than dwelling on the racists who vote for him (and many of them don’t view themselves as racist), they are going straight at Trump. Instead of talking around his racism and racist policies, they are calling him out directly. That might be more productive. It’s also good campaigning: after all, the nominee eventually will be running against Trump. Attacking him puts him on the defensive. He has to spend time denying it (and not very convincingly).

Seems like a better strategy.

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2 Responses to Going Straight at ‘Em

  1. paintedjaguar says:

    Productive? Attacking Trump personally means they don’t have to talk about any actual policies. Same goes for Racism, Russiagate, and Reparations.

  2. JDM says:

    Yes, paintedjaguar, it is impossible to do both.

    Wait, no it isn’t. Stop doing that, pg; sure, it’s done a lot, but it makes you look dumb, and I’m betting you aren’t and don’t want to look like you are.

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