Links 8/8/19

Links for you. Science:

Meet the Beetles: Newly Discovered Brooklynites Have 6 Legs
The Bizarre, Peaty Science of Arctic Wildfires
How a 6,000-Year-Old Dog Cancer Spread Around the World
Scientific seminars equip judges to counter opioid crisis
Sexism: A revealing experiment


Reality is going to stall for some time the advent of driverless cars
Do You Dump Grease Down The Sink? You May Be Creating A Dreaded Fatberg
Trump may be more overtly racist, but Maryland politicians have s*** on Baltimore, too
22 percent of millennials say they have “no friends”
The Moms Probably Behind “Moms For Seattle”
Tim Ryan told Bernie Sanders that Medicare-for-all would be bad for unions. Major union leaders disagree.
How economics can raise its game
High Profile Labor Leader Has a New Gig Fighting Against Teacher’s Unions
Trump’s Demagoguery Is an Old American Tradition
America’s DIY Phone Farmers
Yeah, Baltimore has rats, but DC has more — and more; record-breaking year expected
Every D.A. in America Should Open a Sentence Review Unit
A Paradox at the Heart of the Newspaper Crisis
Why Are You Focused On This When You Should Be Focused On That?
It’s Fine to Criticize Barack Obama
Are You Rich? This Income-Rank Quiz Might Change How You See Yourself
In 1976, Trump-owned housing in Maryland was so deplorable that Trump’s father was arrested
Why the American People Have No Say in Our Foreign Policy
It’s Always 1989

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  1. Zachary Smith says:

    *** Reality is going to stall for some time the advent of driverless cars ***
    If anything, I suspect this fellow underestimates the problems with driverless cars. The prospect of large trucks piloted by a computer makes me shiver.

    *** Do You Dump Grease Down The Sink? You May Be Creating A Dreaded Fatberg ***
    This was such an interesting subject I tried to find some additional information – stuff like journal articles. No luck, but I did locate another good article on the subject.
    What puzzles me is how the fats turn to soap. Are household chemicals responsible for the saponification, or do those come from industrial drains? Also, if the “wet wipes” are such a villain, why aren’t they either regulated or outlawed? Years ago I learned “flushable cleaning cloths” for bathroom use could cause all kinds of problems with septic tanks, so I bought several brands for testing. Those tests involved tossing each one into its own paper cup full water and waiting to see what happened. A famous brand fell apart in half an hour, while a generic from the grocery store took a full 24 hours. The sample from the nearby Big Box Store was simply indestructible, and these were returned for a refund.
    Two items I NEVER put into a home drain system are latex paint and egg shells. Twice I’ve had a really ugly crawl space job of breaking into the drain pipes and removing the obstructions.

    *** America’s DIY Phone Farmers ***
    I’m not at all sure if the bad guys in this are the “phone farmers”. This ‘trailer watching’ for money has been going on for a fair while:
    ^^^ Still don’t believe that this job actually exists? While it may seem too good to be true, Netflix was hiring taggers in the UK and Ireland in 2014… ^^^
    Facebook and Twitter and Google have found it profitable to tolerate enormous numbers of fake accounts. Might not Netflix find inflated numbers useful in pitching its materials to subscribers, and possibly advertisers? Considering that the company refused to comment on the story, I’m guessing it figures the payback is higher than the outgoing dollars to the “fraudsters”. Betcha that after taxes that payback is even higher.

    *** Every D.A. in America Should Open a Sentence Review Unit ***
    I don’t see this happening. First of all, prosecutors seek that Tough-On-Crime label. Secondly, the US Prisons For Profit need to keep high occupation numbers. Finally, slave laborers in prisons make our great nation competitive with most ****hole countries around the world. Slavery is still legal in the US. The people who crafted the Thirteenth Amendment made sure of that.
    ^^^ Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. ^^^
    Like many other good things, this has expanded from the South’s practices of continuing Black Slavery in all but name to a nation-wide affair. Still mostly Black people, of course. The Jeffrey Epstein types whose crimes are far worse than the typical drug dealer get minimal prison time, and that particular person spent most of his limited “prison” time at home, the office, and the country club.

    *** It’s Always 1989 ***
    Incredibly shallow little blog post. People didn’t like Hillary on account of Bill being “young, high, horny, dodging the draft”? Obama was black? It happens both WJC and BHO were very bad presidents, and Hillary was a murderous neocon harpy. The author dogs on Trump’s voters, but since 2016 I’ve had my nose rubbed in the fact that in terms of percentages there is a matching cohort of Democrats who live in an equally fairy-tale world. Trumpies watch Fox and listen to Rush ‘druggie’ Limpaugh. By way of contrast, Dem-bots rush to hear Rachel Maddow raving about RussiaGate or to NPR to hear silky voices telling them why we may have to step up and fight yet another war for The Only Democracy In The Middle East – this time against the Iranian towelheads. The latter is why Pelosi refuses to do anything about Trump, for the importance of the Iranian project is such that even Trump’s ongoing destruction of the US dollar as the key world currency must be overlooked.

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