But They’re Passing Good Legislation!: The Minimum Wage Edition

One of the Democratic establishment’s arguments against impeachment-related hearings is that House Democrats would be better off passing legislation–which will never get through the Senate or White House–that would let voters know what Democrats stand for and would enact were they to recapture the Senate and presidency. Of course, being Democrats, they’re not doing that very well either (boldface mine):

Top House Democrats are eyeing a major tweak to the caucus’ signature minimum wage proposal, part of a last-minute bid to bolster support among moderates just days before a floor vote.

Democratic leaders are floating a more gradual path to a federal minimum wage of $15 per hour, which would mark a concession to some centrists who had been hesitant to back the bill for fear of aggravating small businesses, according to multiple sources familiar with the ongoing discussions.

Under the proposal, employers would have six years to phase in the wage hike rather than five.

…Democrats also say that moderating the proposal further could ramp up pressure on Senate Republicans and the White House to drop their opposition to a minimum wage increase…

If Republicans win support from about two dozen Democrats, they could force changes to the bill all within a few minutes. That could result in others in the caucus, including progressives, choosing to revolt and vote it down.

Just to be clear, they’re not moderates, they’re conservative Democrats. Also, there’s no way a Mitch McConnell led Senate even brings this bill to the floor.

Taking five years to get to $15/hour means, with two percent annual inflation, that it’s really a $13.58/hour minimum wage. Adding on another year lowers that to $13.31/hour. Politically, that’s another year to wait to claim you have a $15/hour minimum wage. It won’t ameliorate business concerns–they’re going to hate it whether it’s a five or six year implementation–and you weaken the positive effects on workers. In other words, it’s a perfect New Democrat plan!

By the way, this crap isn’t coming from the Squad or their staff. It is, as it always is, the conservative Democrats who are watering down policy and the successful politics stemming from good policy–and placing its very passage at risk.

Same as it ever was.

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