Links 8/13/18

Links for you. Science:

Bullshit-sensitivity predicts prosocial behavior
Scientists stunned as medical non-profit group abruptly ends research grants
Why Does It Seem Like Everyone Is Getting Sick from Salad?
Diverse genome study upends understanding of how language evolved
Fishy Fish Pills


The Radical Left’s Agenda Is More Popular Than the Mainstream GOP’s
The miracle of the United States Postal Service
Democrats propose funding teacher pay raises by canceling tax cuts for the wealthy
Then And Now: What’s Replaced Six Classic 1980s DC Haunts
CONSERVATIVES ARE STILL FAILING TO ATTAIN THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL (“That’s why they need a conspiracy theory — because sharing a country with us is intolerable.”)
Banning overdraft fees: Cory Booker’s new idea to tackle big banks
If Location Is an Asset, High Rent Is ‘Saving’ for the Future
This Is So Much Bigger Than Paul Manafort
QAnon is terrifying. This is why.
With fate of U.S. abortion rights unclear, Md. House speaker aims to strengthen state protections
These Aren’t ‘Moderate’ Democrats. They’re Conservative Democrats.
It’s Not About Moving to the Left. It’s About Solving Problems and Winning Elections.
Leader of the Persistence
Brett Kavanaugh Was Involved in 3 Different Crises of Democracy
Kris Kobach experiences the worst thing that can happen to you in politics
The Gross Attempts to Shun Colin Kaepernick from Football Now Extend to ‘Madden’
Monday Smackdown: Who Wants Charles Murray to Speak on Their Campus, and Why?
What Happens When You Discover Your House Was Designed by a Criminal?
From riches to rags
How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts

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