Links 7/5/19

Links for you. Science:

The review I wanted to write…
Why wasps attack and how to avoid them
Freak summer hailstorm buries Mexican city under five feet of ice
Wired Bacteria Form Nature’s Power Grid: ‘We Have an Electric Planet’
Aviation’s dirty secret: Airplane contrails are a surprisingly potent cause of global warming


What Kamala Harris Didn’t Say
Antifa Is Arming Itself Against a Trump Crackdown
15 things to love and 11 things to loathe about Boston
Trump’s celebration of himself is the perfect reminder of why he must leave
Trump’s efforts to rig the census may already be working
An Unnecessary Primary Panic?
The Democrats Aren’t a Left-Wing Party — They Just Play One on TV
AOC Put a Spotlight on Migrant Detention Conditions. Conservative Media Focused on Her Manners.
After complaints from blind riders, Metro to offer travel help during shutdown
A Crime by Any Name
Congress Sniffing Around Botched McKinsey Studies Depicted as Impairing Intelligence Agencies
The Night Before the Fourth
Impeaching Trump: The Case For Making The Case To Massachusetts
“Bodies and minds are breaking down”: Inside US border agency’s suicide crisis
There are Still Good Paying Jobs for People Without Skills, Just Read the Washington Post Opinion Page
Which Judy Shelton Would Show Up at the Fed?
We Do Love Children
Never Trump Republican pundits lament that the Democratic primary is not catering to them
Same As It’s Always Been
Not Everyone Who’s Old Is an Enemy of Progress

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