Links 6/7/19

Links for you. Science:

Illumina’s acquisition of PacBio no-brainer for FTC/CMA
Antibiotic alternative scores well in second round of swine trials
Rapid ultrasensitive detection platform for antimicrobial susceptibility testing
ThorCon Advanced Nuclear Reactor — More Than Worth Its Weight In Salt
When Defending Vaccines Gets Ugly


Turns Out White Millennials Are Just As Conservative As Their Parents
Guantánamo’s Darkest Secret
What’s New About Conspiracy Theories?
State Dept. panel to redefine human rights based on ‘natural law and natural rights’
We Found The Guy Behind the Viral ‘Drunk Pelosi’ Video: The video that racked up millions of views and sparked a national conversation was uploaded by a sports blogger from the Bronx, currently on probation for domestic battery.
Better Things To Do
Editor in Chief of Major News Website Just Learned How the U.S. Government Works
Muslims of early America
Here we go again: The campaign press is obsessing over white working-class Trump voters
Abortion Rights Are More Popular Than You Think
Why New York Can’t Have Nice Things It costs three times more to build a subway station here than in London or Paris. What if we could change that? (NYC-specific in many ways; still worth reading)
Does ‘Never Again!’ mean anything if we do nothing about China’s concentration camps?
Costco, Walmart and other big retailers try to break Dominion Energy’s grip in Virginia (Dominion Energy is awful)
Apple Is Finally Killing iTunes
How California became far more energy-efficient than the rest of the country
The average millennial has a net worth of $8,000. That’s far less than previous generations.
“Good Day for a Choke Hold”
My favorite lifehack is NYC residents who…
Cory Booker and the Orthodox rabbi were like brothers. Now they don’t speak.
Why Mitch McConnell Outmaneuvers Democrats at Filling the Supreme Court
Swedish Startup to Bring Pogo Sticks to S.F. as E-Scooter Alternative (nope)

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