How Is This Not Disqualifying for Biden?

As usual, when discussing the Democratic primaries, my disclosure that, were I voting today, I would vote Warren.

I had heard about part of this story, but this is really bad for Biden (boldface mine):

Centrist Democrat Joe Biden campaigned in October for Republican Rep. Fred Upton just ahead of the midterms.

Biden, who is considering a 2020 run for the presidency, did so at a time when Democrats were desperate to take control of the House and gain some power to stop Trump.

This, I had heard about. Not good. Especially since Upton is opposed to legal and safe abortion. But it gets worse:

The New York Times reports that Biden was paid $200,000 to speak at a rally in Benton Harbor, and he and the GOP were successful as Upton edged Democrat Matt Longjohn by four points.

How is this remotely acceptable? It’s bad enough he campaigned for him, but to get paid to do it?

Considering some Democrats get bent completely out of shape over whether or not Sanders is a real Democrat, if Sanders had done this, they would be howling for him to drop out.

They would be correct in doing so, too.

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1 Response to How Is This Not Disqualifying for Biden?

  1. Dave Dell says:

    As the years go by (approaching 70) what were solvable problems have become crisis. The variety and magnitude of the crisis at all levels from neighborhood to global seems to be increasing exponentially. Actual solutions for these crisis – if solutions even exist for some of them – will need to be quite radical. Much too radical for “status quo Joe”. Sure, he’d be better than another term for President* Trump. Low bar.

    Volunteer my time or send money to a Biden candidacy? No. Hold my nose and vote for him in the general? Reluctantly. How much of the energized Democratic base will do likewise? I hope enough to keep the current President* from a second term.

    A further question… Will a Biden candidacy come with enough oomph to gain a few Senate seats? Does he come with “coat-tails”? Doubtful.

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