Links 5/20/19

Links for you. Science:

Los Angeles Fire Season Is Beginning Again. And It Will Never End. A bulletin from our climate future.
Owner personality and the wellbeing of their cats share parallels with the parent-child relationship
The Fusion Reactor Next Door
New Jersey gets official state microbe: Streptomyces griseus
Scientists discover why grocery store tomatoes don’t taste like anything


Joe Biden is a retreat from the age of Obama (“From Brooks to Cockburn, from Todd to Greenwald, this was the 2008 consensus: Obama chose Biden to shore up his right flank.”)
Georgia’s Terrible Law Doesn’t Have to Be the Future of Abortion
Power to the people: DC residents could soon issue parking tickets
Four Industries Big Tech Has Ruined
Pay Transparency and the Gender Gap
Republicans Call Tlaib Anti-Semitic for Saying Something Nice About Israel (when you’ve gone too far for Chait…)
Rashida Tlaib and the anatomy of a smear
What Is Journalism
D.C.’s Emergency Vehicles Have Long Faced Mechanical Issues. Will This Year’s Funding Help?
She always feared gunfire. Instead, she lost her son to a shattering hit-and-run.
Three Definitions of “Gentrification” Apply to Seven DC Census Tracts
Bowser ties fate of empty school building to D.C.’s gentrification fight
On the Trail With Bernie Sanders 2.0
Tell Your Mee-Maw And Them To Break Up With Joe Biden. I’m Bored
Council Set to Vote Down Mayor in Battle Over Shaw Junior High Site
Democrats: Trump’s GOP Is a Threat to Democracy — So We Better Play Nice
An Alt-Right Pool Party Loses Its Pool
Diners Love Using Food Delivery Apps. Restaurants Say That’s Not Always A Good Thing
Local bicycle shops ask Mayor Bowser to get serious about road safety
No Medical Care For Women

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