Links 5/19/19

Links for you. Science:

USDA Employees Unionize As Buffer Against Trump White House
Gray whales starving, washing up dead in startling numbers along SF coast
Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis?
Threats By Text, A Mob Outside The Door: What Health Workers Face In The Ebola Zone (“Huster says instead the government and the World Health Organization — which is coordinating the contribution by foreign experts — need to massively lower the profile of the Ebola response.”)
Early-career setback and future career impact


Congress isn’t just a co-equal branch. We’re first among equals.
These are the questions that presidential candidates should dwell on. How can they speak to rural areas where decline has been the rule since 1920?
Homelessness Is Not a Crime
Back to the past: Panoramic photos come alive at the new DC History Center
Slowly, Slowly, The Word Gets Around (read the linked thread)
Keanu says John Wick is too busy killing dudes to pursue his real passion: Antique book restoration
Under George Norcross’ autocratic rule, Camden has become a full-blown kleptocracy (there’s a small chance a Warren or Sanders presidency would have incentives to break Democratic machines; other candidates won’t)
If North Americans are put in charge of the Notre Dame reconstruction
No Man’s Land: Historians have largely discarded the lie that the “frontier” was an empty Eden waiting for American expansion—but not David McCullough.
At an Essex burial site, a find that rewrites early English history
I employ hundreds of American workers. I’d hire more if not for Trump’s tariffs.
The rise of fear-based social media like Nextdoor, Citizen, and now Amazon’s Neighbors
“Am I a bad person?” Why one mom didn’t take her kid to the ER — even after poison control said to.
I Could’ve Voted For A Democrat, But Then They Nominated That Communist Joe Manchin
Lead in the District’s water is still a problem. Will the DC Council fund a plan to fix it?
In a pivotal year, Danica Roem uses her spotlight to boost other Virginia Democrats
Bowser and D.C. Council spar over keeping Circulator free and whom it benefits
Talking to the Law Student With a Novel Theory About Amazon’s Power
Joe Biden’s surprisingly controversial claim that Trump is an aberration, explained
The National Gallery of Art Has Tintoretto Fever

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