Admittedly, He Doesn’t Know How a Womb Works Either


I realize calling Il Trumpe’s tweets stupid is like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes the stupid is so mighty it’s worthy of comment. I give you this:


Somehow, Trump heard the name of the hard drive maintenance program BleachBit. Then something like cognition, except that it’s really fucking stupid, happened, and this was transmogrified into acid washed hard drives.

I can’t imagine going through life being that stupid. Guess it works for him though.

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3 Responses to Admittedly, He Doesn’t Know How a Womb Works Either

  1. Bern says:

    Acid, washed. Cleanest acid. The very best cleanest acid.

    Dried, too.

  2. paintedjaguar says:

    Really? Maybe you forgot “Wipe the hard drives? You mean like with a cloth?” The tweet is actually on the clever side, if you ask me (and Hillary SHOULD be in jail). If BS like this is what Dems prop up their righteousness with, Trump is going to cruise to re-election.

    • Marie says:

      As a metaphoric phrase “wiping the hard drives” has been in common usage since the 1980s. By contrast, “Acid washed” is typical and consistent with Trump’s long history of resorting to simplistic quasi-neologisms and childish epithets instead of analytically discussing issues of substance, or using fact-based evidence to deal with problems that actually exist in reality. The whole tweet is utter BS, yet another desultory attempt to stoke the righteous outrage of the birther/creationist/crackpot conspiracy/alternative fact crowd by evoking their favorite scapegoat. Oh, well. Better than dealing with real world, eh?

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