Links 2/10/19

Links for you. Science:

These female insects have male-type sex organs. Evolution explains why.
Preliminary Data in Support of Grant Applications
Millennials turn away from Creationism
Stewart Adams, British pharmacist who helped create ibuprofen, dies at 95
8 things everybody should know about measles


ACA Was A Failure
Why Metro’s ‘Stand clear’ makes no sense but ceiling maps do: A chat with the head of the Riders’ Advisory Council (really good; she should be on the board)
Racist? Fair? Biased? Asian-American Alumni Debate Elite High School Admissions
We Need a National Rural Broadband Plan
Where Have I Heard That Name Before
No thank you, Mr. Pecker
Most gun stores face no legal requirements to secure the weapons they sell. This sets them apart from other businesses that deal in dangerous products, such as pharmacies and explosives makers.
Washington Will Decriminalize Fare Evasion. Better Idea: Free Transit
The Kind Of Policy We Must Never Make Again
I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone. Here’s How to Fix It.
Can a Journalist as Important as Jill Abramson Be a Plagiarist?
D.C. is slated to vote last in 2020 Democratic primaries. That might change. (D.C. should be first)
Most Americans say blackface is unacceptable. The big exception? Trump voters
The immorality of layoffs
Reverend William Barber Explains How Governor Northam Can Repent His Racist Sins
Tipping Points: Are Charter Schools Oversaturating Their Markets?
State of the union was once the forum for Indian removal

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