A Couple of Thoughts About the Rolling Stone UVA-Rape Article

By now, you might have come across this Rolling Stone article about rape at the University of Virginia. While I recommend it, it’s very graphic and horrifying (so you might not want to read it). Back when I was a wee Mad Biologist, I applied to UVA (and for the record was accepted). When I visited, I remember the constant references to the Honor Code and Mr. Jefferson–as in Thomas. Of course, anyone familiar with the sordid underside of Southern Honor wouldn’t be entirely surprised that sexual assault was rampant and willfully ignored. Just following in the footsteps of Mr. Jefferson, I suppose.

One other point, and then some links to previous posts about campus rape. Doesn’t this imply a very serious flaw in the admissions policy? From my perspective, not raping people is a pretty damn low bar to clear. I realize we live in a society which too often excuses or occasionally even condones rape. But I hope someone, not just at UVA but other universities, will spend some time trying to figure out how limit the number of rapists accepted to their schools in the first place. Because–and I’m not being glib here–we have launched air strikes for less. This is a serious human rights violation, not ‘boys will be boys.’

Anyway, I wrote these a while ago, and regrettably, they’re still germane:

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