Links 11/22/14

Links for you. Science:

Save the museums: Italy’s curators must band together to preserve their valuable collections
Poachers Are Now Slaughtering Africa’s Giraffes: Populations have plunged 40 percent as the animals are killed for their meat, often to feed elephant hunters.
Less time for science: Added duties offset researchers’ gains in productivity
It’s a total shirtstorm
For Ebola patients, getting treatment quickly is crucial


The War Nerd: Why Sherman was right to burn Atlanta (must-read)
Overlooking Rape
Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers
Nicholas Kristof on what ‘whites just don’t get’ about racial inequality
Arlington streetcar demise sends message to poorer residents: Keep riding the bus
Foolishness, Poverty, Mobility
Suffer Little Children
Here’s why Democrats couldn’t run on the economy in 2014
New York Fed, Goldman in Criminal Investigation for Sharing Confidential Information
So Sorry, Minneapolis Teachers
100% Charter Fail
The Bill Cosby story, and the time I got sexually harassed in the Senate
Bill Cosby Once Publicly Bullied A Notre Dame Football Player To Tears (it gets worse)
Federal infant mortality funding restored for D.C., potentially saving dozens of jobs

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