Links 10/31/12

Links for you. Science:

Is the Analysis of Gene Expression Based on an Erroneous Assumption?
Sharing and re-use of phylogenetic trees (and associated data) to facilitate synthesis
How motivated I am after a conference
Despite record of saving lives and money, poison centers face uncertain funding future (‘fiscal responsibility’ strikes again)
Aging Satellite Fleet May Mean Gaps in Storm Forecasts (remember when, during the discussion of the ARRA, lots of progressives argued that it’s really hard to spend money. Fuck)


Losing My Health Insurance
The NEW USA…. A Thought Experiment
Robert Samuelson Takes on NYT Editorial Board: Government Does Not Create Jobs!
Rentier CEOs Advocate Austerity for America​​​​​
Boston: What Toronto can learn from this city of sports champions
‘Anti-Business’ Obama Is Best President For Corporate Profits Since 1900 (once again, he is a Rockefeller Republican, not a liberal Democrat…)
A tale of two healthcare plans
Robert Samuelson on government jobs: They exist, but people who recognize them are like flat-earthers
An alternate universe (this mirrors my experience with the Microsoft store at the Prudential. Everything seemed forced and kinda ugly)
Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd
What Economics Should Be (yes, it’s a social science. No, there’s nothing wrong with that)
The New Physiocrats
Can charitable donations offset despicable behavior? (of course, those donations are often the very fruits of said despicable behavior)

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