Without Vision…

…the Democratic Party will perish. Or at least not do as well in 2020 as we need it to. Let me preface this by noting, as I have many times, that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is arguably the best floor whip of the last century. And floor whips are supposed to represent the party, not focus solely on their own district’s issues.

That said, it is amazing that Pelosi hasn’t done anything noticeable about the housing crisis. Why? Because she’s from San Francisco, which has one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. Admittedly, she is wealthy and owns a house (a very nice house), so this isn’t an immediate concern of hers. Wealthy constituents–the ones you have to dial for dollars–aren’t exactly hurting for housing either. Still, one would think she might have policy proposals on the matter.

If one wonders why many Democrats are hungry for someone like Ocasio-Cortez, or even Sanders (who isn’t exactly telegenic), it’s because the Democratic Party as a whole, especially its leadership, really doesn’t experience life like its rank-and-file does. It’s a problem, and yet another reason why we can’t have nice things.

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