Links 1/18/19

Links for you. Science:

Clinical Trial Testing Fecal Microbiota Transplant for Recurrent Diarrheal Disease Begins
How the government shutdown could harm the future of American science
What Happens When the President Doesn’t Have a Science Adviser
SMRT-Cappable-seq reveals complex operon variants in bacteria
The difficulties of interpreting polygenic score differences between populations.


Democrats Must Slam the Revolving Door Shut
The Best Skin-Care Trick Is Being Rich
Jeff Merkley Proposes a Radical Fix for What Ails America: Actual Democracy
White kids, racism and the way privileged parenting props up an unjust system
Nancy Pelosi and Jim McGovern: House Democrats will restore transparency, ethics, unity
Democrats’ First Order of Business: Making It Easier to Vote and Harder to Buy Elections
Do Not Listen to This Man
San Francisco is the defining moral failure of our generation. Billions in wealth generated, almost all of which has flowed to the most advantaged. Rising rents, booming homelessness, galloping displacement.
More of This
Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 Percent Top Tax Rate Is a Moderate, Evidence-Based Policy
Progressive Ideas Matter to Voters. So Why Do Democrats Fixate on the Identity of the Messenger?
The US military is warning that China’s fishing boats are bullies and could start a war on the high seas
Boulder: 250,000 or Bust
Bipartisan Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Introduced
Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats and the real problem with the “fake news media”
House leadership gives its blessing to D.C. statehood
What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency (Trump is probably too undisciplined and stupid to abuse these powers thoroughly. But Pence?)
Belgium Bans Religious Slaughtering Practices, Drawing Praise and Protest
This 1955 article on CEOs shows that American inequality wasn’t always so massive (the article is a classic; worth reading if you haven’t come across it before)

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