Links 1/17/19

Links for you. Science:

Once considered outlandish, the idea that plants help their relatives is taking root
The last snail: conservation and extinction in Hawai’i
2019 Sequencing Tech Speculations, Part I: Illumina & MGI
It Takes a Mosquito to Fight a Mosquito
Science with borders: A debate over genetic sequences and national rights threatens to inhibit research


Durgin-Park, a sassy classic, at 192. In lieu of flowers, leave a bigger tip (America has fallen)
‘Extremists’ like Warren and Ocasio-Cortez are actually closer to what most Americans want
Welcome Their Hatred
Art undersea: These eerie underwater sculptures attract divers, snorkelers — and fish
Before Lisbeth Salander: The couple that invented Nordic noir with the Martin Beck series of books
There’s a simple reason why your new smart TV was so affordable: It’s collecting and selling your data
The New Punks of Los Angeles
The Transcendent Incompetence of the L Train Fiasco
The Palisades Safeway files for historic designation to avoid historic designation (a good example of the insanity of our zoning laws)
So You Automated Your Coworkers Out of a Job
LA’s Battle for Venice Beach: Homeless Surge Puts Hollywood’s Progressive Ideals to the Test
American Phone Companies Are Literally Letting Their Networks Fall Apart
Castro’s 2020 policy agenda: Universal pre-K, ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform, Medicare-for-all (meh)
How to Close the Democrats’ Rural Gap
You’re going to need a bigger boat. Eliminating exclusively single-family zones won’t provide enough density: Recognizing the limits of “missing middle” as a solution to urban affordability
In a Reversal, ‘Car-Rich’ Households Are Growing

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