Links 1/16/19

Links for you. Science:

Lake Baikal: how climate change is threatening the world’s oldest, deepest lake
Should Evolution Treat Our Microbes as Part of Us? (I’m with Strassman on this)
The Apple Watch 4 is an iffy atrial fibrillation detector in those under age 55
The belief that if you study female animals you MUST take hormones into account is SEXIST.
NASA administrator rescinds invitation to Russian counterpart after backlash on Capitol Hill


House Democrats Hoping to Stifle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Only Hurting Themselves
Even without her much-discussed Syria/Assad stuff, Tulsi Gabbard is NOT a progressive on foreign policy & is NOT “anti war”.
How Misdemeanors Turn Innocent People Into Criminals
If Henry Cuellar Is The Worst Democrat In The House, Why Shouldn’t He Be Primaried Before Schumer Picks Him To Run For The Senate?
What If Bernie Doesn’t Run? Are There Other Good Candidates Who Could Beat Trump And Govern America Progressively?
The Big Electoral Story of 2019
If D.C. really wants to improve public schools, treat the principals better
Art stolen by the Nazis is still missing. Here’s how we can recover it.
Bari Weiss Knows Nothing About Australia
The other abortion ban
What actions can policymakers take to avert the brewing national housing crisis?
It was only a matter of time before consumers said no to pricier iPhones
In 2019, The Media Has to Do Better in Calling Out Trump’s Shit
Anderson Cooper Was Taken Aback When AOC Simply Said Trump Is a Racist. Why?
Yeah, Sure, This Is What 2020 Needs: Tulsi Gabbard has carved out an interesting niche with one eye on the Democratic presidential primary.
A Joe Biden 2020 Campaign Would Be the Most Divisive Thing for the Democratic Field (weird how there’s no mention of his support of Social Security cuts which is no way to win the voters he’s supposedly good with)
Democrat wins Northern Va. state Senate seat vacated by Jennifer Wexton (good!)

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