Links 1/5/18

Links for you. Science:

Conflict of interest
A Yale scientist who pioneered a cutting-edge approach to cancer treatment is warning that the field is going off-course — and that drug giants could be making it worse
Why China’s fishing habits are a much bigger problem than Japan’s
The day I tasted climate change
Orca goes birding with fish as bait


The Inevitability of Impeachment (not sure I agree, but interesting)
An end to the shutdown depends entirely on Trump’s hurt feelings
This Eco-Friendly Anacostia House Is Built Almost Entirely Out of Bamboo
Trump did what he always does and changed his mind. Why was Congress surprised?
Medicare Will Be Good for Everyone — Except CEOs
The Government Shutdown Is The Latest Chapter In Trump’s Fight With Federal Workers
Christmas Is the Loneliest Time for Qanon Fans
The Demise of the Trump Foundation, an Extreme Example of Elite “Do-Gooding” to Prop Up the “Broken System” that Benefits Them
Boston lags on tickets to enforce speed limit
Politicians have caused a pay ‘collapse’ for the bottom 90 percent of workers, researchers say
The Left Is Taking Aim at Pelosi’s Deficit Obsession
The Last Person Between The Country And Oblivion
More evidence piles up in North Carolina election fraud scandal
Lisa Murkowski Will Bring Back Bill To Help Abused Native Women
The shutdown is intractable because Trump’s wall is ridiculous and Republicans know it
Russia’s Secret Weapon? America’s Idiocracy
The story doesn’t end for the people we quote
It Doesn’t Matter if Ecuador Can Afford This Dam. China Still Gets Paid. (fuck you, pay me…)

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