Trump, The Stereotypical President

Paul Campos lists all the ways Il Trumpe*, according to racists, would be the stereotypical black president:

1. His almost indescribable laziness

2. His need to constantly go on “vacation” after not doing any work in the first place…

3. His ignorance and stupidity

4. His monstrous sexual appetite, which led him to cavort constantly with loose women of every sort, to impregnate a series of baby mommas with the inevitably dysfunctional spawn of broken families, and to “joke” about indulging in the most grotesque sexual perversions

5. His clownish boastfulness, which led him to claim constantly, in the face of all evidence, that he was smarter, richer, and more talented than his obvious betters, like some sort of minstrel show caricature of the uppity colored boy.

6. His egregious cowardice, which reared its uncomely head every time the slightest threat of danger, real or imagined, arose, or even whenever he contemplated doing something that could lead to some sort of tense personal interaction.

7. His thoroughgoing corruption, whereby he exploited the office to allow he and his cronies to indulge in the sort of shameless financial self-dealing so characteristic of crooked black politicians during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era.

8. His eagerness to surround himself with ludicrously unqualified beneficiaries of affirmative action, knowing full well that any merit-based process would only highlight the process by which someone as absurdly unqualified as himself had become president of the United States.

Being Jewish, what I’ve noticed is that Il Trumpe is the anti-Semite’s stereotypical Jew: he is greedy, grasping, overweight, engages in criminal activity (but has someone else do the tough dirty work), and is possibly a businessman in cahoots with foreign powers (we’ll see!). He is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Since he has been elected, there has been a cottage industry of noting rightwing self-projection, but Trump really does match the stereotypes for other groups, groups he himself is prejudiced against.

Any conservative administration would be awful on policy, but he is a dreadful person.

*In case you’re having a humorless conservative moment, Campos isn’t really arguing Obama is the stereotypical black president.

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    the anti-Semite’s stereotypical Jew: …, overweight

    Huh? Is this part of the stereotype?

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