Links 12/22/18

Links for you. Science:

Species of Ant Discovered in Rainforest Trust Reserve Described First by New Technology
The Race to Understand Antarctica’s Most Terrifying Glacier
NIH to spend up to $20 million on search for alternatives to fetal tissue for research
California’s Battle Against Climate Change Is Going Up in Smoke
Pig Movement and Antimicrobial Use Drive Transmission of Livestock-Associated Staphylococcus aureus CC398


Here’s a Solution for Fixing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway: Get Rid of It
Pelosi would sabotage progressive agenda with pay-go rules
Job satisfaction down at 60 percent of federal agencies, new survey says
Why Republicans pretend that Google searches are biased against them
Marriott Data Breach Is Traced to Chinese Hackers as U.S. Readies Crackdown on Beijing
Petrified Forest
The best and worst cities in America for public transportation, according to an urban planner
‘Going To Office Hours Is Terrifying’ And Other Tales Of Rural Students In College
In early win for party’s left, House Democrats back off tax rule
This Potential Presidential Candidate Is On A Mission To Restore Tip Jars To Airport Lounges
Going in for the Shill
BERNIE DON’T RUN and Point-Counterpoint: To Bernie, or Not to Bernie?
The foundation of Trump’s coalition is cracking
3 Years Sounds Like Forever
Shaken not slurred: James Bond had ‘a severe chronic alcohol problem,’ public health experts say
Saudi Arabia Declares War on America’s Muslim Congresswomen
‘Heroin Was My Life Preserver’
The Changing Glow Of D.C. As Streetlights Make The Switch To LEDs

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