Links 9/21/18

Links for you. Science:

The Meteorological Strangeness Of Hurricane Florence
Half of dead baby turtles found by Australian scientists have stomachs full of plastic
A third dimension helps Tokamak fusion reactor avoid wall-destroying instability
Changing the culture of science to end sexual harassment
Flu season is coming. A pediatrician talks about why you should get your child vaccinated.


Women in D.C. Face Obstacles at Every Step of Pregnancy and Childbirth
The Economy Under Trump: Business Optimism Combined with Inequality
Concentrated Poverty – The Critical Mass
Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Puerto Rico
It happened there: how democracy died in Hungary
The Tale of Public Education in Two TIME Magazine Covers (and education media coverage in general)
Facebook’s idea of ‘fact-checking’: Censoring ThinkProgress because conservative site told them to
The Supreme Court Is an Antidemocratic Hot Mess—and We Should Change That
Waiting passengers watching coin-operated TVs, Greyhound bus station, Los Angeles c.1969
Expanding the Pipeline for Progressive Talent
Is Boston’s luxury condo market shortchanging affordable housing?
Trump’s false claims about Puerto Rico are insulting. But they reveal a deeper truth.
Money Pit
Jumping the Abyss: Marriner S. Eccles and the New Deal, 1933-1940
Even in Better Times, Some Americans Seem Farther Behind. Here’s Why.
Facebook Condemned for Empowering Right-Wing Magazine to “Drive Liberal News Outlets Into the Ground”
10 Things People Still Get Wrong About the Financial Crisis
Why Philanthropy Is Bad for Democracy

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