Links 6/14/21

Links for you. Science:

Identification of novel bat coronaviruses sheds light on the evolutionary origins of SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses
Two Farmers Found the Largest Dinosaur Ever Unearthed in Australia
Kids These Days! Increasing delay of gratification ability over the past 50 years in children (note that the expert opinion paralleled that of the height of the ‘schools are failing’ craze, despite the reality of NAEP scores)
BNT162b2-elicited neutralization of B.1.617 and other SARS-CoV-2 variants
Covid-19 and the delta variant—we need an urgent focus on mitigations in schools


Why Mike Lindell and the Majority of White Evangelicals Can’t Give Up On ‘The Big Lie’
Here’s an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda. After every election, Democrats seem to talk about how they failed to craft a clear message. So how about bombarding people with a new kind of campaign ad?
The Fundamental Question of the Pandemic Is Shifting. We understand how this will end. But who bears the risk that remains?
The pandemic is much less dangerous now — but not for all of us. Even vaccinated people can take some precautions to help protect everyone else from the delta variant
Nearman refused to resign in the face of overwhelming evidence he would be ejected from the Legislature. The four-term Republican lawmaker becomes the first person ever expelled from the Oregon House. (usually, the state leges are crazier than the national Republicans)
TikTok changed the shape of some people’s faces without asking
Somebody Else Should Do Something
D.C. mayor’s budget amplifies goal of reducing car travel in the nation’s capital
Is the Charter Schools Program financing white-flight academies?
Our Endangered Right to Protest
The Democratic Senators Hiding Behind Joe Manchin
COVID-19 Deaths: Who Wasn’t Counted? Issues with death certification have led to unreliable mortality data, leaving families, vulnerable communities and epidemiologists in the dark.
‘People of Praise leaders failed me’: Christian group tied to Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces reckoning over sexual misconduct
Trump’s ever-present — and still growing — exploitation of the Justice Department
There Is No Crisis of Laziness
Is it time to limit personal wealth?
Why Is Garland’s DOJ Taking Trump’s Side Against E. Jean Carroll?
Once a Black middle-class haven, a D.C. apartment complex falls into disrepair
Dianne Feinstein Is an Embarrassment
Secret recordings, leaked letters: Explosive secrets rocking the Southern Baptist Convention
The world is horrified by the dysfunction of American democracy

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