Links 8/15/18

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Have Uncovered a Disturbing Climate Change Precedent
D.C. Is Filled With Ancient Life, But Not Where You Might Think
The Ineffectiveness of Employer Wellness Programs, and the Importance of Randomized Trials
Too Much of a Good Thing at NASA
Potemkin AI


America is swarming with Paul Manaforts
How Trump Radicalized ICE
The Go-Go’s Gave Us the Beat and So Much More
The spot where Emmett Till’s body was found is marked by this sign. People keep shooting it up.
A Chinese-Style Digital Dystopia Isn’t As Far Away As We Think
One of the area’s most significant modern houses is for sale
‘Modern Day Debtors’ Prisons’
Oh, the Caucasity! Right Rages at Jeong’s White People Jokes
Betsy DeVos’s summer home deserves a special place in McMansion Hell
‘Spectacular’ ancient public library discovered in Germany
Vermont’s Striking Nurses Want A Raise for Nonunion Workers Too
Get ready for this nightmare scenario involving Trump, Mueller and Kavanaugh
Kirsten Gillibrand Pays The Price For Speaking Out Against Al Franken
Paging Bari, Jon, Conor
Bloomingdale is now a historic district, despite the ANC and neighborhood votes
This Isn’t Lying (this is why narcissism is a mental illness)
A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter
Trump’s privatization plan would destroy the Postal Service

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