Nazis Are Comin’ To Town

You better not laugh, you better not cry*… ok, I’ll stop, but the Nazis are coming to D.C. (seems like they’re more like a KKK-linked group, but who really gives a fuck about the exact taxonomic identification of these assholes). Originally, Metro was going to provide a police escort and three private cars to protect them, but after an uproar and refusal by one of the transit unions to go along, it’s not clear what security measures, if any, will be taken.

What I find amusing–if anything about racist scum can be considered amusing–is that they think violence will ensue. While I don’t know what some of the anti-facist dunderheads will do**, I’m predicting it will be pretty limited if anything–D.C. has a lot of experience handling this sort of thing, especially when they’re prepared for it.

It’s pretty telling that the racists believe there will be violence. They are scared because D.C. is not an open carry territory***, so they won’t be allowed to parade around with their guns (AAAAIEEEE!!!). Moreover, most of them aren’t exactly familiar with the… urban environment, particularly where they’ll be. They’re probably imagining Fort Apache the Bronx circa 1973, when, in fact, they’re going to be in a sparsely populated (on the weekend) office park, and surrounded by a heavy police presence. Of course, that means they won’t be able to intimidate non-violent protestors or cosplay in all their tactical garb, and where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, welcome to D.C., you racist shitstains.

*We Jews write the best Christmas songs!

**I hope it remains peaceful, since I think it would be a tactical mistake to engage in violence. Then again, some of today’s antifa aren’t exactly 43 Group caliber.

***Statehood now!

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  1. Bern says:

    I’ll wander down there to sneer at them. Least I can do to honor my folks’ service to humanity 75 years ago…

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