Links 4/22/14

Links for you. Science:

A T. Rex Treks To Washington For A Shot At Fame
Your Penis Is Getting in the Way of My Science (it seems we should do some developmental biology and figure out the appropriate homology statements)
Younger Skin Through Exercise
Job ad for Assistant Professor position makes it explicit…
Does researching casual marijuana use cause brain abnormalities? (“This is quite possibly the worst paper I’ve read all year”)


Too Big to Jail (absolute must-read)
Putinism and the Anti-WEIRD Coalition (this is what I meant by historical resonance)
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Is A Horrible Person Who Hates The Poor
A Short Guide to a Happy Life: Anna Quindlen on Work, Joy, and How to Live Rather Than Exist
What the Longfellow Bridge did for Boston: In praise of an underappreciated landmark (picture gallery here)
Rush Limbaugh is Correct. Stephen Colbert is a Liberal, While Jon Stewart Is Just a Progressive Era Reformer
Why Can’t Andrew Cuomo and New York Democrats Play Nice?
VC for the people
How Boston City Hall was born: Fifty years after a groundbreaking competition, two architects look back at the project that polarized the city — and gave it a new lease on life
General Mills Opens New Frontier in Denying Consumers Right to Sue: Just Use Its Products
When Will Big Business Figure Out That the Education-Industrial Complex is Eating its Lunch?
How to save hundreds of dollars on your medical bills
How Football Culture Can Change Rape Culture

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