Links 8/5/18

Links for you. Science:

There’s water on Mars! Signs of buried lake tantalize scientists
Efforts to slash HIV infections in D.C. stall, while other STD cases are rising
FASTQ sequence quality visualisation with Emoji
Welcome to the Next Deadly AIDS Pandemic
Is This Fungus Using a Virus to Control an Animal’s Mind?


Sea level rise has already sunk Carolinas beach property values — by $1.6 billion, study finds
Now We Know For Sure: Devin Nunes Lied About Everything
‘The Streets Are Dangerous:’ What It’s Like To Be Undocumented And Homeless In D.C.
Parking Has Eaten American Cities (here’s how much area the parking takes)
He thought white men were vanishing from TV. I disagreed. So we conducted an experiment.
2020 Democrats Band Together to Call for Puerto Rico Debt Cancellation
Introducing the Internet of Torts
When ‘The Real World’ Gave Up on Reality: The true story of the exact moment in the mid-Nineties when reality television morphed from its best self to its worst.
Is this the administration’s dumbest idea yet?
No, Amazon Cannot Replace Libraries
James Gunn’s firing shows we’re still living in the Gamergate era
A Neoliberal Nightmare at OZY Fest 2018
Fox & Friends Guest Recounts Sheer Terror of Attending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rally (still would like to see her spend more time in the district–she has not won yet)
The 52-State Strategy: The Case for Puerto Rico
Tronc Exec Tells Daily News Staff to Their Faces: We Have No Strategy (because it’s an asset to be strip mined, nothing more)
Donald Trump Is A Rich Man’s Idea Of A Rich Man
Seattle Landlords Are Pissed: “If You Don’t Make the Money, Why Do You Have the Right to Live in the City?”

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