Ocasio-Cortez Is Making Me A Little Nervous

I’m not talking about the recent sexist claims by centrist Norm Ornstein* and others that Ocasio-Cortez isn’t ready for “prime time.” Yes, it is sexist, when you consider the howlers many Congresscritters unleash, including this doozy by former Democratic Congressman and Chairman of the Finance Services Committee–who, after many years, should understand the basics of the Federal Reserve System (full disclosure: I donated to Ocasio-Cortez).

No, what worries me is that her defeated opponent, Joe Crowley, is still on the ballot, ashe was also nominated by the Working Families Party (WFP)–this dual nomination is legal in New York and happens often. The WFP is pleading with Crowley to remove himself from the ballot, but he hasn’t done so. But Berniebros, party unity, something, something (apparently, liberal Democratic candidates, regardless of what they call themselves, aren’t covered by the party unity principle).

Ocasio-Cortez did outhustle Crowley (Respect the Hustle!), but not many votes were cast, as primary turnout is often very low and also it’s hard to register for primaries in New York (you have to change your party affiliation months in advance to vote in primaries). I’m worried that between the party apparatchiks, white racists in the district (they do exist), and building unions which are conservative, Crowley just might pull this out–and, unlike the primary, turnout will be higher. To be honest, these groups might just rather have a Republican win than Ocasio-Cortes (the Iron Law of Institutions is still very much live and kicking in the Democratic Party).

I think it’s great Ocasio-Cortez is doing rallies with Sanders and the like, but, as a supporter, I think maybe she needs to spend some more time in the district. Most recent analyses claims her strength wasn’t Latinos, it was people new to the district. She needs to lock this down, as it would be devastating to the left nationally if she didn’t win. That means more time in the district, including reaching to the rank-and-file that stuck with Crowley.

She one of the liberal Democratic politicians this life-long Democrat has been waiting for. Let’s make sure she gets that win.

*When the current state of emergency is over, Ornstein, thanks to his balanced budget fetishism, will be a huge pain in the ass.

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  1. You should change your handle to Mike The Mansplainer! 😉

  2. coloncancercommunity says:

    I’m surprised the likes of Crowley made it to the WFP. Last year I was treasurer of a campaign where there were primaries and my people (who were more to the left than the mainstream candidates) lost on the Democratic ticket but opted to run on the WFP ticket. In that case, the WFP was trying to send a message to the incumbents that they were running too far to the right. Our candidates lost and the Democrats won, but this was because there was no electable opposition coming from Republicans. So the point is well taken: Shore up your support locally. You are going to need it. Further, if she fails to win the election, this only validates the right turn mainstream Democrats have taken. That’s the last thing progressives need.

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