Links 7/22/18

Links for you. Science:

Sonic hedgehog and Beethoven: An oral history of how some genes got their names
The scientist who coined “stress” wished he had chosen a different word for it
D.C. Front and Center in ‘Summer of STEM’
‘Super Polluting’ Trucks Receive Loophole on Pruitt’s Last Day
There’s No Carbon Tax In D.C. Council’s Clean Energy Bill, Disappointing Some Activists


Yes, Normal Republican Elites Are a Threat to Democracy
Selfishness or survival
‘Civility’ Is What Gave Us Trump in the First Place
Ground Zero in the War on Voting Rights
Is it great to be a worker in the U.S.? Not compared with the rest of the developed world.
Was Martin Luther King a Socialist?
This Ought to Run in Campaign Ads from Now Through Eternity
A Play In One Act
Do Not Upset Voters Who Never Vote For Democrats
Bothersome Bystanders and Self Driving Cars
Are dual-language programs in urban schools a sign of gentrification?
FAA Gives the OK for Airlines to Jam You Into Dangerously Small Coach Seats
Data Suggest That Gentrifying Neighborhoods Powered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory
‘I’m not climbing a career ladder’: why Keith Ellison is leaving Congress
Why Does No One Care About Meatpackers?
Will museums stop accepting Sackler money in wake of Massachusetts lawsuit?
Jewish WW2 Hero, Max Fuchs, Dies at 94

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